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An under floor heating system heats mainly by radiation. This is the most natural and comfortable form of heating (just like the sun). Radiant energy emitted by the floor is partly reflected by each surface and partly absorbed. Where it is absorbed, that surface becomes a secondary emitter. After a while, all surfaces become secondary emitters. Furnishings themselves radiate energy and the room becomes evenly and uniformly warmed. The energy reaches into every corner of the room - no cold spot, no hot ceilings and no cold feet. The diagram to the right illustrates this effect.
Under floor central heating gives 'invisible' warmth which is ideal for modern living, giving clean interior design and maximum usable wall space. As there are no hot surfaces under floor heating is safer and cleaner than radiator systems with dust and air movement minimised. The heat is concentrated where it is most needed for human comfort and energy efficiency. As the floor radiates heat uniformly over its surface there is uniform heat distribution, no hot and cold spots and consistent comfort.

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Energy savings are important not only to individual end users but also to the planet.
Floor warming systems are more efficient because they deliver the same results as conventional heating but operate at much lower temperatures and utilise a thermal store. This minimises cost both to you and the environment by consuming less fuel. Optimum economy is achieved when used in conjunction with a condensing boiler because they perform most efficiently whilst working at lower temperatures. The average saving is around 20-25%, but on larger properties, savings can be as high as 40%

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Underfloor heating delivers a near perfect temperature profile between floor and ceiling due to a balanced combination of radiant and convected heat. With conventional central heating, the majority of heat is convected air, which rises making the ceiling one of the warmest places in the room. However, 50% of warmth generated by underfloor heating is radiant heat, where the floor evenly releases heat, which is absorbed by people and objects in the room.


Underfloor Heating: About
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